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NextLi is the best Multi-Domain Licenses Manager for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to manage and control the use of licenses for your WordPress products across multiple domains. This type of plugin is particularly useful for businesses or organizations that sell or distribute WordPress products and want to ensure that the licenses are used correctly and in compliance with their terms and conditions.

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Best License Manager for You

NextLi plugin provides a central management system for your
licenses, allowing you to easily monitor, update, and revoke licenses as needed.
Some features that you may find in a Multi-Domain Licenses Manager for WordPress include:

  • Easy license activation and deactivation
  • Management of license keys across multiple domains
  • Real-time tracking of license usage
  • Integration with your existing sales and billing systems
  • Automated deactived license when expiration of time
  • Option to block unauthorized use of licenses
  • Create new license keys for different domains

Feature overview

Store Licence Data

Store License Data

NextLi plugin to store each license information and generate cache with log history into your server.

Generate license keys

Generate License keys

NextLi basically generate specific license for seperate domain and user only allowed to use the license that he created for the domain.

Multi Domain Licence

Multi Domain License

To manage multiple / single license for every purchase. Added multiple domain and collect new license for each domain.

Connect with Server

Connect with Server

NextLi will provide API files to connect with your server which is extra features that is not included to this plugin..

Provide APIs

Provide APIs

To check the validity of products license NextLi provides API. With the API user can active or revoke the licenses.

Customer Dashboard

Customer Dashboard

There is a customer dashboard option in NextLi where customer get the order receipt, can dowonload the product files and so on.

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